Friday, April 13, 2007

What part of No Soliciting don't you understand?

I have a very clear sign on the door – "No Soliciting." It means, unless I know you or you have a package for me (from a real package company, not a package from God), then don't ring the doorbell!

I don't care who sent you or why, how nicely you are dressed or how polite you are. I don't do anything business, charity, whatever from someone I don't know who comes to my door.

Since the sign doesn't seem to work, I've thought up some other devices. I'd like a booming loudspeaker that makes me sound like the Wizard of Oz -- "WHO DARES TO RING MY DOORBELL?".

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Spring brings ... silverware?

I was picking my mail out of the box, walking back towards the house, admiring the flowering bulbs and other buds coming out. A glint caught my eye. Just in front of my front fence were two silver "sprouts" coming out of the ground. Okaaaaaay....

A spoon and a fork.

I don't remember planting these? Will have to check with the neighbor kids. :-)

Okay - this gets weirder. The silverware doesn't belong to the houses with kids. So none of them did it. Mark noticed them about a week ago.

I replanted them in the front garden. Who knows, maybe I'll have a bumper crop this year.