Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm melting!

As the temp hits 98 degrees ... thought I would post a reminder of six months ago today (Dec. 20, 2006 - the start of the first big holiday blizzard)...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The yard is full of collies

Early last Saturday morning, someone in my dream turned to me and said "the yard is full of collies."

Then I realized my husband was standing over me and he has just said it. I opened my eyes and see that dawn is just breaking. Barely. It's 4:30 am. I rubbed my eyes and said "Is one of them minature and named Max?"

I went upstairs and sure enough, it was Max, the minature collie and his buddy Rusty - not a collie, or even close. Rusty is a chow mix. Sarah-Dog had alerted Mark with her version of "THE YARD IS FULL OF COLLIES...THE YARD IS FULL OF COLLIES." (Which, ironically sounds a lot like "THE YARD IS FULL OF SQUIRRELS" and "THE YARD IS FULL OF UPS DELIVERY MEN".)

So if you have read my blog before you'll know the beginning of March, I wrangled Max and took him across town to his former address still listed on his tag (which luckily was still inhabited by some of his humans). Rusty, thankfully had a tag with the correct address -- about a block over and a block down.

Since clearly Sarah-Dog was verklemped -- there would be no more sleeping until the yard was free of collies. So I leashed up the wayward pups and at 5 am, walked them back to their house.

My intention was to slip them back into their own yard. But the gate was nailed shut (probably after their March escapade). Then I noticed the front door open (the screen door shut) and a pair of glasses laying on the step. As I approached, I smelled the reason someone had accidentally let the dogs out ... in a drunken stupor. Lovely. Holding my breath, I picked up the glasses and put them on the ledge. Carefully opened the screen door, de-leashed the pups and pushed their rumps inside. I made sure the screen door shut and then went back home to my bed.

The drunken fool who let them out probably didn't even know they were gone. Wonder if he/she found his/her glasses...

We were quite freaked out by how the wayward pups got into our backyard in the first place since the gate is normally shut. But pretty much determined the hubbie left it open after taking the trash out Thursday night and my girls mysteriously didn't notice it open when they were out on Friday.

Otherwise someone else may have woken up to "the yard is full of Labradors."

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Top 10 problems dogs have with humans

I saw this in the paper a few weeks back and had to repost it - 'cause it's funny.

Top 10 problems dogs have with humans:
10 Sit. You sit!

9 Chewing. There is no logical translation for not chewing in dog language.

8 Don't cover up my holes! It's hot. I'm trying to cool off. Cut me some slack, will ya?

7 Barking. There is no logical translation for no barking in our kingdom.

6 Stay. Sorry. No can do. Got things to do, dogs to see.

5 Sniffing. It's called P-mail people. Geez, buy a clue already.

4 Jumping up. Stretching. That's all we're doing. Stretching those back legs, don't ya know?

3 Collars. Here's an idea. You wear them.

2 Off. What? The couch? No way.

1 Wait. There is no logical translation in dogdom.