Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cat Food

I'm in the cat food aisle the other day picking up dry food. Our two boys get a mix because one kind is never good enough. So I pick up Indoor Cat, Hairball Remedy, and Urinary Tract Health varieties. I usually add a senior variety to the mix -- since Sebastian is almost 17 and Toby is 12. The food has names like "Active Maturity" and "Vibrant Senior". This describes Sebastian pretty well.

But they don't have "Throw Rug" and "Lazy Lump of Fur" varieties for the lazy one. Oh well, maybe the Active Maturity will get Toby moving more.

After all, he's a model now. Catch his beautiful mug as Mr. June in the 2009 Denver Dumb Friends League calendar. (The picture above).

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